Tuesday, May 8, 2012

a boy named trouble.

i hope my words stung
like a quick jab to the heart
but why do i search you out?
i find myself drawn to your manipulation, your callous way
one day i will regret all of this, regret you
i hate it, but i really cant afford to think about it now
what with my future riding on a string of maroon and gold dental floss
i just want to be worth loving without anyone's permission
i'm going to say it
i fucking hate you
and i fucking hate that i still want you
and so continues every story about a girl and a boy
why would he possibly want me anymore?
the shame that courses through me when i see you
the hate that punches through my heart
the smile that escapes my lips
because between two people like us, it cant be simple
i fucking hate you
i fucking love you

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