Wednesday, November 30, 2011


the world turned orange, and the birds
sang kiri-kiri
my left hand wanted to be free of what it was holding
so i ran on to purple
till my stomach became a poisonous lining, and my body
shook till i burst into flame
the color orange took on my

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

cafe a la no one.

in this shell of unknown faces, i
comfortably sit. aware of my
flaws. those on my face,
those in my
behaviors, and those in my
unimpressed pillars hold up this ceiling
planks and beams hold up the
my memory, it is sore
inner glow is yours to take,
yours to embrace
and these bones of mine?
they support
this frame of a person, waiting
for more

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

the jewels sink, heavy with expectation.

you dreamt my hair was on fire
why is that everyone's skin i brush become dagger-like particles on a spider's leg?
all i want is for us to be happy, and to be enough
my heart that drops at the thought of you, my voice that soars at the sight
... the sight of the idea of you
sighing, i wait
i dont meant to bother
please lift up my reasons for sinking
capsized, i will wait
as the bolts burst and the sirens scream
till water turns black, and my soul with it
till you wake from this jilted day
my world rests on the balance of togetherness
restrained wails are not enough
i take refuge in a triad's completion, and rhythms unfailing

reaching, my hand grows pale
as the deep overcomes
and i am an artifact
drifting in the ocean