Sunday, May 29, 2011

all the self-help books.

all you need:

1. a big enough breath
2. no expectations
3. people to lead you
4. and a god to love you

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

she conquers all.

i left nothing, i forgot nothing
just a drawstring effect on a year very much worth living
eventful to say the least
and as i continue to manage small spaces,
i will keep experience micromanaged in bins
catalogued in no certain order for the next year
which will be all-so-different
in ways i cannot explain

freshman year: you are defeated.

Monday, May 9, 2011

one letter.

the aftermath of a life spent without violence
culminates in my lack of interpersonal skills with those
who i deem to be better
so i reap the rewards of a silent mouth and careful posture
learning what it is "beauty" and
your note missed my plate
but i think i am okay

because chai will taste like heaven regardless of your fitted clothing
and it will be consumed tonight inevitably
as i venture into the land of hipsterdom

so i segment my life as my body turns bronze
and you will be gone
but i think i am okay

eventually, the simple letter "i" will be enough

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

smokes, struts, sighs, and sings.

like puzzle pieces, they pair off like salt and pepper
blending together into a single shade of grey
as the shaker breaks
and the glass
my fingers
i smile because i am happy
but i return singing killing me softly
for mine eyes have seen thy salvation
a light to the Gentiles

i ask only this
trying to believe in salt, pepper, and sand
but they
through my fingers and blend into the earth
like dirt in the universe's eye

eyelids shut
to end the dream
to start the day
to put a face to the blurred people, places and pictures
alligators, bright shirts, no seasons
waking before waking
night before night
morning of my morning

set off my half-a-brain
so that i may finally see what
i have been missing this whole time