Friday, January 27, 2012

the list continues.

goodbye my almost lover
goodbye my almost friend

as another year rests on the pinnacle,
waiting to fall,
i reconsider what i knew
relish what i have
cry at what i hate about myself and the world
and smile at the love i see around me

my heart is doing that twisting thing again,
squeezing the eyedrops out of my eyes
this time not in front of
an audience,
but in the silence of the night in a house that doesn't feel like home tonight,
as i face realities i am putting off until the
next day, and the next

simplicity, dictation--where did you go?
assurance, conviction,
caught in my throat

we knew
we all knew
before it even began
as always
not meant to last
to flourish
to remain captivating for life
but that love lives on
but i wait in its ashes, caught in a storm of dust

i am so happy that you're happy
now i have a standard which to live by

my sisters i anguish in the days i have lost
live on a thread, because another hand will surely catch you if you find yourself falling

ignore me
i speak nonsense that only resonates in my own ears