Thursday, February 24, 2011


to know that you are not lying to yourself
what a good, good feeling
so leave your narrowed eyes and raised eyebrows outside
the ones who hate linger at doorsteps waiting to be swept away
so go away
and let me messy hair fall wherever it pleases
pleasing you is pointless
so wait outside my door frame, please
i will deal with you when my common sense freezes

Sunday, February 20, 2011

the grateful life.

every prayer will start this way

thank you

for my legs born straight
my eyes, not blind
undamaged brain
teeth straight
water to drink to fill my
stomach that accepts food
clean air that can fill my lungs
my dad, alive
windows and walls

ears, oh my dear god
ability to feel

every prayer will start this way
thank you

for the past, cracked but whole
for the present, lovely and fearful
and for the future, lucky and open

steeples and crosses
clothes and fingers
electricity and teachers

every prayer will start this way

for loving people

every prayer will start this way

thank you

Saturday, February 19, 2011


the particles that hold us strong are collections of hopeless wrongs
leading us to hope and smile
then leaving us in cold denial
build it up,
break it down
muscles warm, cold, then

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

fabric of the gods.

although i find my skin breaking
and voice cracking
my body too big
and my eyes too dry
i pray for the worth that transcends me and my failures and frivolities
resulting in a worth that lasts much longer than a tear drop separating into pieces as it hits the unforgiving floor
or a letter
or even unceasing applause
rather a lifetime of virtue, wisdom, and knowledge
or whatever the ancients were getting at
for us humans who are so wise
we certainly are foolish
angles of skin pulled against fabric of the gods
clothe me with something else

i will not ask for anything but


Sunday, February 13, 2011

recognize these waves.

drop the beats that circle me like angry birds that crave the morning snow that sticks to thin blood on the safe pavement still scares me like stairs irresponsibility does not suit me so do not pretend that i am any other color and these times are high so high so high that chopping wheels cannot reach our lofty heights so high they suffocate screeching we all drop only to catch ourselves laughing at the angry birds and the blood on the pavement as we realize we skipped the stairs

Tuesday, February 8, 2011


your shadow brushed my knee
nothing higher, nothing lower
icons of the past left in
drawers rolling closed
my fingers,
let me swim,
reach, feel
for the present
as your wandering eyes
find my convenience for the last time
lessons learned
good forgotten
till our bodies
are left to soften
deliver your praise
although unearned
and i will drop you
soft and stern

Saturday, February 5, 2011

we can't let this moment pass us by.

just a person stumbles into bed, with hopes of warmth and agreement. waiting for the world to fall into place, like a marble in a children's toy from long ago. holding hands that are meant to be held, and knowing that someday she will land like a bird after a long journey. a perfect fit.

one day i will reach the age when i don't have to look up anymore.

[no intention of rushing]

[[i promise]]

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


finds herself losing faces behind a big careless smile,
tucking away into folds of comfort and promises of the next year
and the next
and the one after that
loses the point of snowfall,
wishing that ice would not melt with a candle
dyeing the world in her own color
not letting it fade when others change her shade
revels in the alignment of paper
in order to feel some control that has become the chance of her life
sounding like a doubter
but exploring the beyond like it is for certain
she loves the way life unfolds, unravels
but is never certain of the rules that it follows
on the brink of losing it,
until she realizes she already has